There are many benefits to REM ID compared to other traditional DC platforms such as Credly and Accredible. First, we have built our REM apps using LACChain, a public ERC20 based blockchain network we helped found and create, ensuring both safety and speed throughout all the processes behind issuing, receiving, and verifying a VDC.  

Second, thanks to our SSI model, users are the ones who control, own, and have the rights to their credentials. Much like a physical possession, our VDC belongs to the users, not us.  

Third and most importantly, we have built a module called “Initiatives” inside our wallet. These initiatives can be configured in our REM backend platform by institutions, organizations, or groups, to provide a space where users can use their credentials in a way that provides value for both parties. For example, a verified academic institution can configure an Initiative for a scholarship, where users that received a certain credential can apply.