Who can use Crowdeation?

Any organization can register and set up on Crowdeation.

What can Crowdeation be used for?

Crowdeation serves as a hub for new challenges and ideas. The philosophy behind Crowdeation is to encourage innovation, collaboration, and communication throughout all divisions of a company. One of our goals is to help eliminate communication silos that often form across different departments and hinder new ideas and solutions from being heard.

What are some examples of Ideas and Challenges that can be created with Crowdeation?

Crowdeation lets anybody come up with a new pilot, idea, or challenge. There is no limit to what can be created and will often vary from company to company. A hypothetical example might be that a company needs ideas to help streamline their data management. They can post a challenge publicly and allow employees to post and discuss potential solutions within that challenge. Another example might be that an employee thinks of an interesting new pilot idea. They can post it and instantly receive feedback and recognition for it.

How can Crowdeation bring value to your organization?

Organizations are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, optimize, or improve their current operations. The problem is that often, some of the best ideas or solutions come from an individual or department without much say in the matter. Crowdeation eliminates these communication silos by providing a space where everyone within the company can collaborate and have their idea or solution be seen and recognized.

How can Crowdeation bring value to the end users?

Users that provide the best ideas or solutions can be rewarded within the company. Additionally, it creates an equitable environment for all employees based on the quality of their contribution. Users can see exactly who came up with each idea or solution, and therefore receive the credit and recognition they deserve for it.

What does it mean for Crowdeation to be a decentralized platform?

Decentralized means that there is no single centralized server or authority that the system depends on. This means that the platform can be more transparent and secure, ensuring that participants are fairly credited with any contribution they might have.

Is Crowdeation free to use?

Crowdeation will not be free for organizations that wish to implement it, however there will be no fees for the end users.