About Us

Who we Are

World Data Inc. is an Information Technology, Engineering, and Consulting group that has been providing solutions to small and medium sized businesses for more than 30 years. Our experienced engineers are professionals with extensive background in all IT and network disciplines, including mobility, cloud computing, and data analysis. We work with our clients as partners to take care of all of their TECHNOLOGY requirements by leveraging our SERVICES described below.

Mision & Values

World Data is focused in creating value for its partners and customers through the facilitation of: (1) collaboration; (2) resource leveraging; and (3) technological competitiveness. World Data has worked on hundreds of projects for small and medium size firms. We are currently providing support to businesses in the Association, Educational Platforms, Blockchain Node Infrastructure, Financial Transactions and Telecom Industries.


The technology cycle has been accelerating to the point that it is no longer possible for any single company to keep up with all of the changes in a particular value chain, unless it masters the art of collaboration.   It is in this space where World Data excels by enabling its clients with data, voice, and video platforms to work together in a secure and efficient manner, irrespective of where they are in the world


At one point or another, every company needs to transform its knowledge into software by either improving a manufacturing process, optimizing logistical processes, or to delivering some type of value as a service. World Data leverages close and open source tools, third party applications, and software development teams to make your project(s) a reality in a timely and efficient manner.


As Internet pioneers, we have a distinctive advantage in the way we approach Information and Network Technology. We believe that once you implement an IP (Internet Protocol) network, you are a global player and must leverage, as much as possible, Internet based resources as well as their evolving technologies, such as:

  • Financial Technologies
  • Blockchain
  • Digital IDs
  • Social Networks
  • Cloud based resources
  • Mobility

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