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Financial Technology


Transaction Networks​


IT Outsourcing​

World Data provides your business with the management and/or operation of your applications and computer systems. We do this as a partnership type of agreement where the goals of our companies are aligned, as you do well we do well.

The IT outsourcing agreement may include the transfer of IT employees to World Data.

Services offered:

Server Administration– Server Procurement, design, configuration, and management while taking into consideration security, reliability and performance

Server Virtualization & Consolidation – Optimization of physical server resources, by creating virtual servers on demand

Network Management – Network procurement, design, configuration and management, taking into consideration security, reliability and performance.

Database Administration – Database design, implementation, maintenance, and repair

Desktop Support & Management – Desktop troubleshooting, applications installation and networking

Back-up & Disaster Recovery – Design, configuration, and implementation of back-up processes and disaster recovery processes

Cloud computing – Cloud computing changes the way we think about technology. World Data and partners provide you IT resources on demand.  By deploying technology as a service, you give users access only to the resources they need for a particular task.

Mobility services – The new workplace is now undeniably a mobile enterprise. Employees are bringing in their own devices, expecting to connect seamlessly with enterprise applications and each other. This new enterprise mobile business model is based on anytime, anywhere transactions and the integration of enterprise and individual IT resources. World Data assists you in solving the challenges with this model: maintaining security and compliance, managing multiple device platforms, and addressing complex mobile requirements.

Technical support services – World Data offers hardware and software technical support and maintenance to keep your systems running. We offer experienced technicians, and flexible service agreement options designed to meet your specific business requirements.

Merch & Networks​


Cloud Migration


Community Workplace​


Communication Networks​

World Data leverages the innovation in communications and networking capabilities to offer organizations almost unlimited opportunities to create enterprise environments anywhere, anytime, using multiple types of devices and network elements. We strive to implement a network that can meet your current business needs and easily expand to meet your future ones as a powerful instrument for growth. World Data can help you with all your network and system management requirements, whether they are simple data centric requirements or highly complex integrated voice, data and video capabilities.

Services offered

Network Assessment – World Data applies an open systems approach to assess the current status of your network by analyzing the application, network work infrastructure, and end user layers. Our network engineers collaborate to form an experienced assessment team with extensive expertise in delivering complex multivendor integration projects.

Network Infrastructure – World Data helps you design, build, and implement a reliable next-generation IP network infrastructure and solutions that can deliver high performance voice, data, and video.

Network Security – Strengthen security while improving productivity and reducing costs with World Data’s security processes and procedures that are used in every implementation to reduce security risks in a world that is increasingly accessible and interconnected.

Network Mobility – World Data has a Mobile Ecosystem consisting in leading technology vendors that can provide a fully integrated and open architecture-based mobile environment.

Network Management – World Data implements advanced service monitoring infrastructure solutions to help identify operational inefficiencies and improve service quality. We have developed an enterprise network architecture framework that helps significantly minimize deployment risks.



Certification System

Financial Technology Description for the demo.

Software Development​

World Data has experts in software architecture, design and development. We specialize in systems integration allowing your departments, people, systems and devices to communicate with each other, in real-time. We develop solutions that are extensible, scalable and maintainable. Our Software Services:

Mobile, Web & Client-Server Software

Your business may have a mobile application and a website and custom software that are all used to help grow and manage your business. However, those are just the top pieces. Underneath those devices and platforms should be a sophisticated software architecture and model. This software architecture and model interacts with your business systems and data to create a cohesive business process. The more efficient your business process and the more interactive you can make your product or service to your customers, the more success your business will have.

SOA – Service Oriented Architecture

Modern business systems are leveraging multiple devices to allow customers, potential customers and even internal staff to collaborate and communicate with your products or services. For example, if you have a business function that can be leveraged on a mobile phone, tablet, website or custom software solution, then SOA is the answer. SOA allows all these devices and systems to interact with the business function and you only need one copy of that business function. In other words, you do not have to develop one specifically for the mobile phone and another for the tablet and another for the website, and so on. SOA can improve your processes, customer feedback and interaction and can even reduce the operating costs of running your business. It can bring new technology and business features to the market and your customers much faster than traditional methods.

Data Modeling

At the root of your business is data – very important data. Without it, your business may not function. Modeling your business data is a crucial component to manipulating and managing that data. Data Modeling is about creating compartments for your data in a way that allows that data to be accessed by various systems in a fast and flexible way. This is art more than science. The data should be compartmentalized in such a way that allows new data to be added in the future and also allows integration of different systems that may be requesting data in many different formats.

Database Design Engineering

From a Data Model, a Database Design and implementation can be constructed. There are many different database types out there and entirely different ways to implement a Data Model. You can use a relational database design or an object database design. Without getting into the complexities, just know there are pros and cons to each approach. World Data understands these pros and cons and will develop a solution that fits your business objectives now and in the future.

System Integration

Collaboration is modern business. Your business systems must collaborate for many reasons. First, you need responsive communication between departments and between computer systems. You may have field technicians that can communicate in real-time to your inventory or sales departments and systems. Gone are the days of writing things down with a paper and pen and having that information manually sent to a department via “sneaker-net”. Nowadays staff are using mobile tablets and filling out secure electronic forms and sending these forms in real-time to another system that triggers another business process to occur and this continues until the process is complete. SOA is a solution for Systems Integration as described above.

Platforms (Back Office Family)

  • METS
  • METS Console
  • CW1 Switch

Secure Cloud Computing 

  • Engineering, support and hosting of Blockchain servers
  • Hosting of Web Sites
  • Secure servers hosting (e.g. Fed)
  • Secure transaction exchange (e.g. Fed)
  • Multiple development platforms


  • WDI Services
  • WDI Products
  • WDI Platforms & Networks

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