REM ID enables registered users to generate Verifiable Credentials by participating in Campaigns.  Soon users will be able to import or simply enter all of his existing Credentials or Identities  to keep them safe and with absolute control (sovereign).


Users that have obtained a REM ID credential will receive offers to participate in  “Feature Campaigns” intended to add value to the user and his community.  Every Campaign generates verifiable credentials that are for the use and control the user.  The more credentials a user gets, the greater chances the user gets to participate in future Campaigns of value.

Organization Pass

This is an up an coming Campaign geared  towards making companies “green zones” or protected from  COVID-19 type of risks.

Citizen Pass

This is an up and coming Campaign to enable citizens/users to demonstrate that they are immune to the COVID-19 virus.


Verifiable Credentials or Identities is the future of how users will take control of all of their personal information.  That future is now, with REM ID.  Please let us know (see contact us in the Settings tab) any suggestions for future VC (verifiable credentials) and we will implement them based on user demand.

Credential History

REM ID creates value for users and their communities based on the number of credentials that a user obtains by participating in Campaigns or in the near future by creating them via self attestation.

REM ID manager of sovereign identities

REM ID is positioned to enable “you” to control how all of your personal .information is used in a manner to optimize value creation for you and your community