WDI helps organizations execute their digital transformation strategy with our cutting edge blockchain and AI products and services

Lead or Join an Ecosystem

WDI has created SaaS platforms that leverage AI and blockchain for organizations to participate in or create digital ecosystems (value chains).


Empower students around the world with digital credentials and new opportunities


Participate in emerging trust based products by adopting our white label digital payment wallet.


Enhance your associations reach by issuing and offering your members digital credentials


Create your own community value-chain to harness global resources

We work together

WDI supports your organization by collaborating with a myriad of industry leading global partners

World Data inc.

WDI’s goal is to help customers migrate to Web3’s Decentralized operation

Our Ecosystems

WDI offers a unique set of products and resources ranging from SAAS Platforms, API’s and Smartphone Apps to form foundation of your business by creating value-chain ecosystems.

With over ___ years of experience, WDI has created SAAS and API’s Platforms which can be utilized by associations, academic institutions, and financial institutions alike.

Our Products


What is Web3.0 and how it can benefit your organization?

Web3 is the natural extension of the internet architecture. Includes all elements of YOUR business – Marketing, Content, Architecture AND Security.

It provides for a fully distributed organization and community.

Our Team

Oscar Bazoberry

CEO PResident

Sergio Bazoberry

Chief operating officer

Jaime Centellas

Chief Technology Officer
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