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Becoming a recognized “Verifiable Credentials (VCs)” issuer is one of the most strategic actions an organization may take to take a leadership role in its field. 

Organization Value:
As an issuer an organization creates value for itself and its client base with the ability to lead the formation of Ecosystems or Community Value Chains with global impact.  Some of the benefits follow:

  • First mover advantage in issuing digital certificates (using W3C standards)
  • Access to industry specific certification authorities working closely with World Data or its affiliates, such as the case for Universities’ (SIACES/QUALIS) accreditation entities.
  • Support for the internationalization of local programs (e.g. courses)
  • Access to a Blockchain networks (e.g. LACCHAIN) where WDI has operating nodes.
  • Credential service, support and maintenance revenue streams
  • VAS (Value Added Service) providers’ revenue sharing streams
  • Stakeholders’ collaboration revenue streams
  • Significant back office and administration capability

Client Value:
Clients such as consumers, students, members are enabled with a general purpose credentials management wallet (REM ID) and therefore derive the following benefits:

  • Management of their VCs that are globally recognized
  • Enhancement of their digital persona value
  • Enhancement of their community value
  • Leveraging third party initiatives
  • Leveraging third party issuers
  • Accessing VAS globally
  •  Complete fraud prevention due to the use of blockchain technology
  • Leveraging of digital credentials to harness global online value added services

 Steps to become an issuer:

  • Step 1 – Register
  • Step 2 – Get Accredited as Issuer in your field
  • Step 3 – Configure REM BIZ to start Issuing Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Deploy Initiatives to promote your VCs