Enable Self-Sovereign Identity for All


For Individuals

Registration & Single Sign On

REM ID (your master credential) may be used to expedite the registration process or to log in (single sign-on) to a number of Apps or platforms that are part of the REM Ecosystem.

Credentials & Organization

There are two basic types of Credentials, Personal and Verifiable. Credentials can be searched by key word.

Credential Obtaining & Sharing

There are 4 basic Credential Sources: (1) Self-created forms (these are “personal credentials”) issued by traditional means, where the end user defines a simple form to store them securely; (2) self-attested verifiable credential; (3) third party issued verifiable credentials; and (4) Peer attested verifiable credentials.


For Organizations

REM BIZ enables organizations to become Verifiable Credentials issuers by leveraging the use of a verification workflow.  Once the issuing capability is configured, REM BIZ also enables organizations to launch and manage initiatives to promote the use of its credentials.

Finally, REM BIZ also acts as an integrator of all of the Verifiable Credentials stakeholders.

Use Cases

Self Attested

These are Verifiable Credentials (VC) that you as owner attest their validity and accept complete responsibility for them.

Self Created Forms

These are Credentials that you as owner store them in your wallet for convenience and security, however they are not verifiable.

Third Party Attested

These are Verifiable Credentials issued by a Certified Third Party.  In order to obtain them you have to request/apply by selecting the Issuing organization in your wallet.  

Peer Attested

These are Verifiable Credentials issued by you for the benefit of a friend, co-worker, micro-entrepreneur… to be used as a reference, abuse reporting, alerts….